Technology days 2014

International Technology Days organised by Hofmann GmbH. attracted this time almost 580 visitors from more than 50 countries. Hofmann successfuly intruduced their recently developed technologies and new product ranges. Our suppliers Basler Lacke, Weissker, Pergan and Graco supported this famous practical demonstration.

Besides Hofmann other 35 companies operating in the field of road marking technology presented their technology and products. The general manager of Hofmann GmbH. Mr. Torsten Pape guided visitors through all over the International Technology Days. The Managing Director of Hofmann GmbH. Ing. Jan Hofmann gave us a lecture about constant line thickness of AMAKOS system in Airless spraying method .


Lovely receptionists handed out their smiles at the entrance.


Discussion with Frank Deppe about the machine technique


Frank Hofmann and the representatives of Morf AG


With the delegate of Helios company...


...and the representatives of Morf AG


Nissen provided its LED board


Torsten Pape arranged Technology Day and guided over the whole event


Jan Hofmann during his speech about dosing systems in airless marking


Gérard Dechaumet - ASCQUER Association pour la certification et la qualification des équipements de la route (France)


Jan Hofmann recently took over the company from his father


Conor Fitzgerald - Engineering Inspector at The National Roads Authority (NRA)


Christophe Nicodéme - Director General European Union Road Federation (ERF)


Dean Crutchfield - Roadmarking Industry Association of Australia (RIAA) (Australia)


Jesús de Benito - Faplisa S.A. (Spain)


Speakers while photo session


Hofmann has never forgotten its former employees


With Mrs. Heidi Ehlert, the chief of technology Limburger Lackfabrik


With Torsten Pape


 The suprise of the day: Hofmann logo created by thermoplastic marking technology


The live reports became a regular part of  each event Hofmann has organised


Norbert Kuhlmann, the service manager, and
Frank Hofmann


Cold spray plastics technology in airless spraying method while speeding 9.5 km/h


Technology Spotflex, well known to us


Perfect geometry of Spotflex line


The new H9 - 1 Airless road marking machine for the application of sprayable 2-component cold plastics (mixing ratio 98:2)


Torsten Pape invites the participants to the evenings buffet


Hofmann International Technology Days 2015 are taking a place at the similar dates like in 2014 at the end of November. Let us invite you to Hofmann Technology Day 2015, the biggest event in the road marking technology sector in the world promising many practical demonstrations of the newest technologies and products.

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