As you might notice our daily bread is road marking - from A to Z. We are specialized in distribution of horizontal road marking machines and its accessory, likewise in materials for horizontal road marking. In cooperation with the biggest german road machines producer Hofmann GmbH., american Graco BVBA, swiss companies Basler and Kamber SA, german Weissker we satisfy needs of Czech and Slovak customers.




Hofmann NEWS: registration has been opened

Hofmann International Technology Day 2015

November 26. in Hamburg / Rellingen, Germany.


IV. Seminar of summer road maintenance in Šamorin, Slovakia
As an exhibitor we have taken a part in Slovakia's fourth seminar focused on summer road maintenance issues held in Šamorín.


Our visit in Basler Lacke AG
We regulary visit out paint supplier in Switzerland and this time we brought you a small photo report.


Hofmann Technology Days 2014 - Hamburg
International Technology Days organised by Hofmann GmbH. in Hamburg / Rellingen attracted this time over 500 visitors from more than 50 countries.


Road Conference 2014 - Olomouc
We regularly take a part in czech road conferences this time organized in Olomouc in October 23. - 24. 2014.


General information about horizontal road marking - part I.
In cooperation with student Bc. David Kloubek we have brought you useful information about horizontal road marking divided into several chapters. This work is determined primarily for clients, project architects and realizers of horizontal road marking.


Graco Demonstration 2014 - Photo Gallery
Togerther with our customers we have taken a part in demonstration of Graco machines organized in Budapest...

Intertraffic 2014 Amsterdam - Photo Gallery
The biggest international fair called Intertraffic organized in Dutch Amsterdam brought us many innovations and new contacts in traffic safety.



A few words about history of road marking

In 1883 a professor of South Dakota predicted that future cars will be able to do for those times unbelievable speed over 25 miles per hour and will be driven on roads split with a white line into two traffic lines, each for one direction. As time passed in 1911 somewhere in USA first horizontal road marking popped up.

Over 45.000 of dead and 1 million of injured per year, these are real results of car accidents on European roads. We should bear in mind that behind those numbers are in fact real humans, their suffering and damages. General estimation of these damages are in range between 1.6 to 3.2 trillion CZK.

We can say that traffic safety is a responsibility of each country and its government. Such a complex topic involves besides other things not only directionality of communications, road surfaces, traffic lights, but also drivers training, vehicles safety and so. However each of these points plays a very important role. 

Horizontal road marking with its leading lines, directional arrows and pull-offs form a group of important signals determined primarily for drivers. One of its main functions is not only traffic safety but also leading of drivers and acceleration of road traffic. As important requirements of horizontal road marking are considered optical leading and traffic order and regulation as well. Long story short road marking needs to be visible during day and night for all participants of road traffic. Although horizontal road marking is the cheapest safety element of the entire traffic system you would hardly imagine driving through the night without help its white leading lines.

Materials mostly used in the world are currently cold plastic, sprayable plastic, thermoplastic and two components cold plastic.


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