Hofmann H 10 - 2

A machine with unique maneuverability as well as ideal cornering characteristics.


Hofmann H10-2 open screed box system for 2-component cold plastics


  • H10-2 was develped for medium road marking projects.


  • Cold paints; container up to 140 l
  • Sprayable 2K cold paints; container up to 90 l
  • Extrudable 2K cold paints: container up to 100 l
  • Thermoplastics; container up to 100 l



  • Hydraulic drive with wheel motor for infinitely variable speed regulation. Mechanical parking brake.
  • Two rear wheels, one driven front wheel which can be turned to the right and left by almost 90° via steering. This allows an extremely small turning circle of 3.7 m (around stationary right or left rear wheel). No dangerous acceleration on the external outside of the curve.
  • Optimal visibility conditions during marking operation.
  • Perfect loading facility.
  • Line widths: 10 up to 30cm (dependent on equipment)

Technical data

  • 2-cylinder 690 cm³, Honda gasoline engine,
  • 14,5 kW at 3 200 rpm
  • Air output: up to 670 l/min at 6,0 bar (1-cyl. compressor)
  • Pressurised glass bead containers:
    41 l (max. 1 bar)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H mm):
    2 560 - 1100 x 1 350  (dependent on equipment)
  • Weight, equipped:
    approx. 800 - 950 kg
    approx. 1 764 - 2 095 lbs



 Hofmann H 10 -2 Brochure

 Hofmann H 10 -2 2K cold plastics, open screed box system for structural marking Flyer






Hofmann H10-2: 2C cold plastics, open screed box system; agglomerate marking, 25 cm line continuous and dashed


TEST: Hofmann H10-2: 2C cold plastics, open screed box system; agglomerate - stochastic type of marking, flat line, profiles


Hofmann H10-2: extruded thermoplastics, open screed box system


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