Self propelled hand-guided road marking machine for processing of 2-component cold plastics resulting in agglomerate - structural and flat line. 2KPPM was developed for small making projects, exclusively for car park marking and short marking sections. Ideal supplement for big 2-component cold plastic machines.


Hofmann 2KPPM: ručně vedený samojízdný silniční značkovací stroj pro zpracování dvoukomponentních studených plastů

Field of operation

  • Machines for small making projects
  • Hand-guided self-propelled machines


  • 2-component cold plastics (2C)
  • No material or glass bead tank



  • Hand-guided road marking machine developed for application of pre-mixed 2C cold plastics with powder hardener
  • Special screed boxes for agglomerate-structural marking, line widths 10 up to 30 cm
  • Special screed boxes for flat marking, line widths 10 up to 30 cm
  • Conversion from structural to flat line setup takes max. 1 minute
  • Screed box for marking for blinds, line 3x 30 mm or 6x 26 mm width
  • New: Front swivel wheel with direction lock
  • New: "Transport mode" - for smooth machine transfers on uneven road surfaces

Technical data

  • 1-cylinder Gasoline Engine Honda 3,7 PS, air-cooled, 2,6 kW at 3.000 rpm.
  • Material consumption: ca. 2,5 up to 5,5 kg/m2  depending on line type
  • Mixing ratio: 100:1
  • Dimensions (l x w x h mm): 1.000 x 950 x 1.000 mm
  • Weight: 95 kg




2KPPM: The Car Park Master (Flyer)
Comparison: 2KPPM vs 2K50A (Flyer)





Car park marking, flat line 12,5 cm (YouTube)

Marking for blinds, 3x 30 mm & 6x 26 mm


2KPPM: Transition from flat to structural line


Car park marking, flat line 12,5 cm (Vimeo)

Test: Hofmann 2KPPM - structural & flat line, 2C cold plastics


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