Hofmann H 33 - 4

Most compact universal machine with very high capacities and excellent hill climbing ability.



  • machines for large projects
  • airports, highways, A-roads, a limited use for B- and lower class roads



  • Robust, high-effective 7-ton construction machine axle with hydraulically switchable speed ranges combined with a high-speed hydraulic motor
  • The hydraulic drive can be disengaged completely to enable towing of the machine in case of emergency, even for longer distances
  • Two pressurised glass bead containers. Filling openings for glass beads at the side of the machine in ideal filling height. 
  • Option: Pneumatic agitator for homogenisation of glass beads
  • Cockpit with all operating elements laterally adjustable without the need to install guides
  • Arrangement of operating and supervising instruments can be easily modified according to individual requirements
  • Adjustable, easy extractable spraygun support for center and edge line markings
  • Individual application units are exchangeable (exchangeable container) with low effort by quick opening device systems and modular design principle
  • Turn-up-platform at rear of the machine. Motor compartment easily accessible for service work. High ground clearance also eases service works from below
  • Excellent panoramic view, also when driving backwards
  • Line widths: 10 up to 100 cm (dependent on equipment)


Technical data

  • 4-cylinder 3800 cm³, Kubota Turbo diesel motor, water-cooled, low-emission (EU Stage V resp. TIER 4)
  • 86.4 kW at 2600 rpm
  • Air output, alternatively: 1080 up to 3500 l/min at 7,5 bar;compressed-air cooler
  • Pressurised glass bead container: 2 x 150 l (3 bar max.) or 2 x 170 l (rectangular/max. 1,1 bar) 
  • Dimensions (L x W x H mm): 5975 x 1420 x 2410 (dependent on equipment)



  • cold paint, container volume up to 1.080 liters
  • two component cold plastic, container volume up to 540 l (pressurized) or up to 600 l (not pressurized)
  • sprayable two components cold plastic, container volume of 920 l
  • thermoplastic, container volume up to 450 l (not pressurized)
  • sprayable thermoplastic, container volume up to 450 l 



 Hofmann H33 - 4 Brochure






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